History 1Highgate International Church has been serving the local community for over 120 years.

The church began life in 1884 as a Brethren Assembly established to preach the gospel in the Highgate and Archway Road area, moving into a building at 272 Archway Road known as Cholmeley Hall in 1891.  Cholmeley (pronounced ‘Chum-ley’) referred to the area in Highgate where the building was erected.

The church grew steadily in the first half of the 20th century, attracting many single people and young families.  By the time of the Second World War, the weekly programme included two Sunday services, the breaking of bread (communion), prayer meetings, youth gatherings and frequent evangelistic events.

By the 1960s, alternative style ‘Beat Services’ designed to present the gospel to a new generation attracted younger people and new families to the church.  By the 1970’s, the church began to break away from some of its more traditional Brethren roots.

History 2By the 1980’s the building at 272 Archway Road was in need of repair, and a temporary move was made to 145 Park Road, Crouch End as the Archway Road site was redeveloped and completed in 1987.

In 2013 the name of the church was changed to Highgate International Church, to better reflect both the feel and current membership of the church.  Still now, as in 1884, the heart of the church remains the same:  unwaveringly committed to preaching and living out the gospel message in the area God has placed us.

For a more detailed account of the history of the church from 1884 to 1994, you may be interested to read this article on the Brethren History website.

History 3