Vision and Values

Our vision is to grow an international community in North London
that knows Jesus and makes Jesus known.

For a current description of the details of how we are seeking to achieve this vision, click ‘Vision to Church’

Vision to church

In order to achieve this, we believe that God has called Highgate International Church to be a people who are:

Vision & Values 2– Bible-taught

We recognise the authority of the Bible as the Word of God and seek to read it, meditate on it, talk about it and for our lives to be transformed according to its message. We seek to expound and teach the whole Bible both publicly and in our homes. We seek to develop a hunger for the Word of God and to become a people who know their God through what he has revealed to us in the Bible.

DSC00310– Spirit-led

We recognise that apart from the Holy Spirit, there is no Christian life. Individually and corporately, we seek to allow God’s Spirit to guide us into truth and to bring us assurance of salvation. We are open to his leading and prioritize open times of sharing and encouragement whenever we meet together. We recognise that it is the Holy Spirit who gives every spiritual gift to build his church.

– Worship-centred

We affirm that ‘the chief end of man is to worship God and enjoy him forever’. We realise that worship is a matter of giving our lives as living sacrifices and as such encompasses all our activity. Yet we know that time given in praise and intimacy with God is time when we are transformed into his likeness. We aim to give priority privately and corporately to being before God and attributing to him his worth.

– A family

We seek to be an international community that is transformed by God’s love for us; we seek to love one another, serve one another and to live transparent lives. Though we are of different nationalities and different ages, we are committed to unity, loyalty and trust. We recognise that we are human and don’t always get things right, but are ready to encourage, look after and pray for one another as we grow to maturity together.

We are members of the Evangelical Alliance and subscribe fully and wholeheartedly to the EA basis of faith.

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