What To Expect

What To Expect 1It can be daunting going to a church service for the first time or after having been away for a long while. We try to make our Sunday services as welcoming and understandable for the newcomer as we can.

We hope the summary below helps explain a little of what you can expect to happen on a Sunday morning.

Each service begins by someone welcoming from the front, followed by a time of singing songs of worship led by some musicians. There is then usually a space for anyone wanting to share an encouragement, to pray or to suggest a song. Please do not feel obliged to contribute, though you are most welcome to should you wish.

Following this, we usually have a time of reflection where believers will take bread and wine together to celebrate the Lord Jesus Christ and what he’s done for us in his death and resurrection.

Typically this is followed by an opportunity to give money into a general offering for the church (though many will do this through standing orders or by other online means), but as a newcomer, again, please do not feel obliged – this is mainly for people who call Highgate International Church their home church.

What To Expect 2The speaker for that week, usually a member of the congregation, will then teach a message from the Bible. Here at Highgate International Church we tend to work through a series of messages that follow a book in the Bible.

In response to the message that has been brought, we may have a period of silence and/or sing more songs of worship. The service leader will then highlight other events happening that week and offer the opportunity to receive prayer from one of our team.

After the formal part of each service, tea, coffee and cake are served and there is plenty of opportunity to chat and to get to know one another. On the 2nd Sunday of each month, we’d love you to join our church family lunch, whilst during other weeks there are often opportunities to eat in one another’s homes.

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